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Enough About Me

…I take this opportunity to enlighten, entertain, and learn about YOU. The purpose of prose in this space is to empower women.  It is my desire to help others, and grow intellectually along the way.   I hope to cultivate a righteous online community of ladies from all walks of life. Start a conversation about topics we can all relate to and every now and then provide answers to perplexing questions.

I shy from the “about me” format others subscribe to. My [self] will come out in the writing and shared experiences.  I want to learn “about you” so that I can craft the perfect anthology of resources for women who aspire to find comfort in self.  Admittedly, I have not entirely mastered this exploit personally; but, I’m well on my way and would like to travel the expedition with you.  Let’s figure out how to be the best in our respective lives while embracing the actuality that your BEST doesn’t look like mine.

Nevertheless, you wouldn’t visit this page if you weren’t inclined to learn something “about me”…so, here’s an attempt at unconventional self-expression.

  • Jaime Cullum gave the best live performance I have ever seen.
  •  One morning in New York, I listened to the lyrics of a Talib Kweli song that inspired me to further my education and better my life.
  • Atlas ShruggedWhat if? Where would we be? Are we each other’s responsibility? The novel and the theory are both frightening and intriguing.
  • I have Alopecia Areata and I’m scared one day it will result in Alopecia Totalis.
  • Reading the labels on the back of common household products and over-the-counter medication is quite entertaining.
  • I am a native of the Mile High City.
  • I am very accountable for my actions and nonsensically fearful of disappointing others to a fault.
  • can’t see reds, oranges, and certain hues of pink – a strange impediment that coerces less concentration on matching (which isn’t necessary) as the construct of a flawless outfit relies on the fit rather than homogeny anyway.

Tell me something about you.  What little-known fact makes you unique?


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