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Published on October 22nd, 2012 | by Kelie Kyser


Don’t Worry – Be Unhappy

Last Thursday it was next to impossible to get out of bed because I didn’t feel good.  Not stricken with a cold or the flu – just sad.  And truly, there really wasn’t a concrete reason for my forlorn condition. Even though the sun had officially retired for an extend siesta; the weather certainly wasn’t the sole sponsor of my dismay.

Every now and then, I just resolve to allow myself a day (sometimes two) of sorrow. Despite what the commercials for Zoloft advertise; I believe it is okay to feel melancholy. Occasionally you just do.  And guess what?  It’s completely normal.

A study cited in the current issue of Psychology Today bolsters this theory – declaring it natural, even healthy, to feel “so-so” as it creates psychological equilibrium.  Emotional ambiguity is cool.

We’ve become an overmedicated society replete with unreasonable life expectations.  Depression, as ugly as it sounds to say out loud, is a normal part of the human experience. It’s tough to consistently remain upbeat.  And some days your catcher’s mitt just isn’t big enough to endure all that life throws your way.

Please understand, I am in no way suggesting that clinical depression does not exist.  It is a reality; it should be taken seriously, and it requires medical attention.  I am however entertaining that perchance; every mournful season in life does not require Prozac. Learning to acknowledge and combat the blues organically is a cardinal life skill.

We aren’t always happy, excited, or motivated.  Consequently, intermittent grief shouldn’t be considered atypical.

What do you do to cope with the blues?


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4 Responses to Don’t Worry – Be Unhappy

  1. Elove says:

    I’m happy to embrace my “unhappy”! That’s what keeps us real, don’t you think?

    • Kelie says:

      I love it! Yes, I agree we all need to “embrace our unhappy”. Keeping it real is hard to do these days with the facades social media allows us to hide behind.

  2. Patty Meek says:

    Hmmm….I pretty much don’t have a problem keeping it real (regarding sadness, disappointment, etc.) but I also don’t utilize social media a whole lot. I imagine it is really hard to keep those selves “separate,” in a sense.

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