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Published on October 14th, 2012 | by Kelie Kyser


6 Shopping Mistakes You’re Making with Your Wardrobe


Some women appear as if they were born with the aptitude to look flawless and put together no matter the occasion.   In a moment’s notice she is prepared, appropriately garbed, and chic.  You’re almost certain the fashion maven has never worn the same thing twice and everything she owns looks as if it were tailored using her form as the blueprint.   Ever wonder how she does it?

You may be surprised to learn the fashionista more than likely spends less than 45 minutes getting ready and requires less closet space than the average woman.   It’s easy to look extraordinarily fabulous with little effort.  But progress won’t occur until you stop making these 6 mistakes when shopping for your wardrobe.

1.       You Shop According to the Season.

It’s not necessary to “pack away” summer clothes to make room for your winter best.   This ritual is time consuming and futile as it promises only to limit your choices for two entire seasons.   Designers continue to fortify the layering trend as seen in the windows of retailers such as Anthropologie and Free People.  One can easily usher a well-made summer dress into the fall by accompanying the look with a cropped jacket, scarf, or pashmina.  Add a splash of color, keep your arms warm, create a new look – mission accomplished.

2.       You Don’t Try It On.

Trying clothes on is an essential component that is often erroneously disregarded in the heat of a shopping excursion.  All clothes are not created equal.  Tracy Reese’s  interpretation of the size 6 woman is radically different than Calvin Klein or Rachel Roy.  It’s never a good idea to envision how something will fit because chances are you’ll be in for grave disappointment when you get the article home.  And if you’re anything like me, the chore of repeating a trip to return an item isn’t appealing or practical.  Use the size assignment prescribed by the designer as a gauge not gospel.

3.       You Don’t Love it.

Doesn’t it seem like you are always  able to find the perfect outfit when you don’t have the money? But when you go shopping with the wherewithal to buy NOTHING looks appealing?  Bad shopping days entice us to buy impulsively.  There’s nothing worse than feeling as if you’ve wasted an entire day desperately searching for THE get-up to no avail.  When trudging through the dregs of a desolate fashion desert, the mind will undoubtedly start to play tricks on you.  It may project a mirage of a purchase worth your hard-earned money.  Resist the urge to buy something just because you can.  These items occupy space in the back of your closet for years because you don’t love them, shouldn’t have purchased them, and feel too guilty to throw them away because you’ve never worn them.

4.       You Aren’t Comfortable.

You wouldn’t buy a car that sputtered down the highway during the test drive, so why buy a skirt you have to keep pulling down every three steps?  If you are uncomfortable wearing a particular item, it doesn’t matter how cute it is – it won’t have the desired effect on your body. Clothes that cause you to fidget are a bad investment.  Even though you may enjoy looking at them; you are uncomfortable wearing them.  Fidgeting looks awkward and it draws attention away from the beauty of the piece.   You should enjoy wearing clothes and look forward to spending the day in them rather than calculating each step to avoid the infamous skirt ride up.

5.       You Shop With Optimism.

A woman’s weight tends to fluctuate according to the time of year, gym commitment, work schedule, and biology.  It’s normal to be a little slimmer during the summer months than you may be during the fall and winter.  We all know the many reasons for this occurrence (read: water weight, Thanksgiving, and holiday cookies – amen).  Occupying smaller sizes is enticing, but don’t get hung up on the numbers.  Be honest, would it look even better if you went up a size?  If the answer is yes, refrain from purchasing the item with the intent to lose weight in order to wear it in the future.  That’s self-defeating –needless pressure.  Buy the size that fit’s now. And, in the summer, buy the size that fits then.

6.       You Already Have It.

Orange is your favorite color. So buy an orange bag, a pumpkin blouse, and a burnt sienna pencil skirt.  If you usually wear a button down shirt to complete the look of your suit, try pairing it with a peasant blouse.  Make a mental note of the things you already own (sometimes it helps to take pictures of your closet before shopping).  When things look good and fit well it’s tempting to duplicate the euphoria by purchasing a similar piece.  However, the key to expanding your wardrobe and making it appear you “never wear the same thing twice” is to buy things that are altogether unique and unlike anything else in your collection.

Last but not least, classic never goes out of style.  So don’t ditch a piece you love just because it’s not highly-coveted by everyone else at the moment.

What do you do to supplement your wardrobe?



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5 Responses to 6 Shopping Mistakes You’re Making with Your Wardrobe

  1. Adinkra says:

    I find myself stuck in the rut of thinking everyone looks so fashion savvy. Being a stay at home mom seems to limit my wardobe. I plan to use these tips though they were really good and I can apply them when I shop exspecially the one about size, and weight.

    • Kelie says:

      I’m sure everyone else doesn’t have it as “together” as you think. We tend to be our own worst critics – finding fault in ourselves while giving others the benefit of the doubt.

      Use the fact that you are a stay at home mom to your advantage. Invest in nice pieces – pay a little more for them. You won’t wear them as often as someone working a 9 to 5 outside of the home, so you will have them longer. Start with investment pieces as your foundation and build your wardrobe from there. Thanks for commenting.

  2. ELove says:

    Very good points, and also very true! I happen LOVE accessories. Scarves, jewelry, shoes, handbags, purses, jackets, belts. You can change your entire look with some nice accessories… Not to mention it can give you the garbed, chic, effortless look you mentioned. Great article!

  3. Tammy Booth-Myers says:

    Great tips!! I enjoyed the article. I go through my closet twice a year and give away those items that I am no longer wearing.

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